Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer – Job Description


Job Title: Chief Executive Officer

Department: Administration

Exempt/Non-Exempt: Exempt

Reports To: Board of Directors

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt

General Position Summary:

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of North Runnels Hospital District (NRHD, the District) is accountable for the planning, directing, and managing of the current operations, future growth and program development for the organization while ensuring responsible use of fiscal, human and physical resources. In conjunction with the Board of Directors, the CEO will develop goals and objectives for the organization using the District’s Promise of Excellence as a guiding resource. This individual is responsible for ensuring that NRHD delivers high quality, cost effective care. The CEO is also charged with coordinating the development of services and facilities to fulfill the District’s mission, and in coordination with the Board, develop ongoing strategic planning. The CEO ensures that the services provided are responsive to our communities’ health needs and integral to the achievement of the District’s mission and values.

The CEO provides strategic leadership to ensure the organization remains responsive to the communities it serves, especially in a time of continued uncertainty for the healthcare industry as reimbursement declines, competition increases and demand for services increases. The CEO remains current on industry trends, understands the big picture and uses the strengths of the organization to continue to position it for future success. The CEO must keep the Board informed on issues and matters of public policy as well as specifics about the operations of the organization. To ensure the continued provision of high-quality services, the CEO must develop positive working relationships with the Medical Staff based on trust and partnership. The CEO should also be visible throughout the organization, be open to issues and concerns of the physicians/providers, staff, patients and their families, the community at large and philanthropists.

Being mindful of the Mission of NRHD, the CEO is expected to maintain financial viability, develop and implement a strategic plan, recruit new Medical Staff, enhance the reputation of the District throughout Morrow County, upgrade the technology infrastructure, and address the remodel and/or additions to the existing physical structures. The Board expects the CEO to enhance community trust and build relationships within leadership across the county, serve as an advocate for additional resources, and work closely with the medical staff and the wider physician and provider community to continue to develop collegial, effective working relationships.


Specific Job Knowledge:

A strong working knowledge of federal healthcare legislation, laws, regulations and guidelines is required. A working knowledge of Oregon Health District Law. Knowledge and experience with Oregon Department of Human Services regulations. Demonstrated success in integrating the needs and goals of the District, the Medical Staff, employees, philanthropists, and our communities. Proven track record of keeping an organization financially healthy is preferred. This will include both successes in generating new revenue and judicious expense control. A broad background in the industry to allow the executive to act as a resource and adviser to the Board in matters pertaining to healthcare. An understanding of the unique characteristics of a publicly elected Board whose members are responsible to their constituents is preferred.


Essential Functions:

Essential duties and responsibilities include the following functions. Nothing in this job description restricts the NRHD Board’s ability to assign, reassign or eliminate functions, duties and responsibilities of this job at any time.

1. Board Administration and Support – The CEO supports the operations and administration of the NRHD Board of Directors by maintaining continual, open and effective communication with the Board members and the Medical Staff. The CEO will ensure that comprehensive orientation and continuing education opportunities are available to the Board. The CEO will facilitate relationships between the Board, legal counsel and accounting and audit organizations, will manage the use of legal counsel for operational matters, and, in conjunction with the Chief Financial Officer, will manage the engagement of accounting and audit organizations of operational matters.

2. Medical Staff – The CEO is critical to relationships between the physicians/providers, nurses, staff and the entire District. The CEO leads the efforts to support our physicians/providers through recruiting, continuing education opportunities, medical staff and physician referral compliance education and implementation, and medical staff development. The CEO recognizes the ongoing strength and success of the District relies heavily on the strength and success of our medical staff and engages them accordingly. The CEO participates in issues surrounding ethics and quality. The CEO, in conjunction with the Chief of Staff, is responsible for direct oversight of all physician/providers that are employed by North Runnels Hospital District.

3. Community and Public Relations – Through exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, the CEO assures that the District and its mission, programs, and essential services are consistently presented in a strong, positive image to relevant stakeholders, including patients, physicians/providers, employees, benefactors and taxpayers. As the ‘face’ of NRHD, the CEO will be actively involved in the community through service organization membership, speaking engagements, community forums, educational offerings and other opportunities to communicate NRHD’s Mission.

4. Compliance – The CEO will ensure the District complies with local, state and federal laws and regulations as they apply to the operation of the District.

5. Strategic Planning – The CEO stays current with general trade and industry conditions and their potential impact on District policies and operations, and in collaboration with the Board of Directors, develops the short-term and long-term strategic plan for the District and its offered services. The CEO ensures the strategic plan is articulated both internally and externally, and effectively delegates key activities to ensure timely execution of the strategic plan initiatives.

6. Delivery of Healthcare Services – The CEO has overall responsibility for the design, marketing, promotion, delivery, risk management and quality of all District healthcare programs and services provided to our communities. Ensures that policies and practices effectively support sound and safe patient care, and that the delivery of healthcare services provides the highest level of a positive experience to the patient.

7. Financial Management – Recommends annual budget for Board approval and ensures prudent management of District resources within those budget guidelines according to current laws and regulations. Conducts or oversees the negotiation of professional, consultant and service contracts. Ensures that appropriate internal and management controls are established and maintained.

8. Human Resource Management – The CEO organizes functions of the District through appropriate delegation and establishes a formal means of accountability for those assigned duties. Ensures effective management of the human resources of the District according to current personnel policies, laws, and regulations . He/she completes annual evaluations for direct reports in a timely and effective manner.

9. Facilities Management – The CEO oversees the preservation of the asset value of NRHD’s capital investments, oversees the management of construction and facility rehabilitation activities, and ensures disaster and emergency preparedness activities are appropriately planned, exercised, and documented.

10. Other duties as the Board may assign.

Core Competencies:

  • Patient focused: Embraces the standards of the District’s Promise of Excellence and Mission, Vision and Values as the center of all decisions.
  • Collaborative: Is committed to inviting participation in the evaluation and planning of all major initiatives; works to build consensus and alignment.
  • An Achiever: The CEO seeks achievement beyond standard With a sense of urgency, carries an aura of success predicated on more than achievement of minimum benchmarks; is innately driven to improvement and not satisfied with just compliance. The CEO is dynamic, enthusiastic and energetic in pursuit of personal and organizational goals; approaches challenges as opportunities for improvement with a contagious energy that drives the organization.
  • Of strong character: Honest and straight-forward, given to transparency and full disclosure; respectful of others’ feelings and perspectives; able to maintain the highest level of integrity and create confidence even within those with doubts; can quickly and easily address questions of morals or ethics to guide decision making.
  • Courageous: The CEO must be able to remain fearless in doing the right thing for the patient, even in the face of strong opposition; not afraid to speak directly; comfortable in presenting a full and accurate picture of any situation.
  • A Superior Communicator: The CEO must be a Master of Communication, both verbal and written, and have the ability to have courageous conversations. She/he must be a good listener with innate empathy for differing views. The CEO must be able to communicate clearly and eloquently in order to effectively function in any setting, from a meeting with government officials or community members; to a meeting with a patient’s family; to a hallway conversation with employees.
  • Decisive: Have conviction, based on well thought-out analysis and personal strength; is able to pull upon diverse past experiences to craft novel and innovative solutions.
  • Visionary: The CEO can take the organization to the next step in its structure, scope, performance and quality improvement; has the ability to stay ‘ahead of the game’ by anticipating demands and constraints within the evolving healthcare industry and be able to ensure NRHD is positioned for continued success.
  • Astute: The CEO is bright and is intellectually capable of mastering the complexities of leading this growing healthcare District; having the business and financial acumen to analyze, comprehend, select and implement innovative solutions and models for the delivery of healthcare to lead the organization to short-term and long-term success.
  • Persuasive: Is clear and consistent in the delivery of the message of the District’s Promise of Excellence, and Mission, Vision and Can present a strong business case for a distinct direction while demonstrating empathy for contrasting views; maintains a truly good sense of humor as a person who enjoys his/her work.
  • An Advocate: The CEO is the champion of North Runnels Hospital District, both internally and externally; speaks effectively to clarify and build support for the District across our county and in the larger arena of healthcare delivery.
  • A Change Artist: The CEO sponsors, champions and facilitates change throughout the organization to meet the challenges of the evolving environment of healthcare delivery.
  • Resilient and stable: Is able to manage multiple priorities and demands; is a model of responsiveness from the administrative suite who is flexible, yet predictable and reliable, and will reinforce trust even in times of divergent opinion.
  • Visible: The CEO has a style that creates the expectation of regular contact and interaction among staff and physicians/providers; regularly rounds throughout the organization.

Job Scope:

Supervisory Responsibility:

The CEO leads the Executive Team The CEO carries out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the organization’s policies and applicable laws.

Interpersonal Contacts and Job Skills:

Must have superior interpersonal communication skills to represent the District and accomplish a variety of work with various groups of people: physicians/providers, patients and family members, direct reports and all District staff, the District’s Board of Directors, community partners, businesses and organizations throughout the county, the media and the general public. A demonstrated understanding and appreciation for diverse cultures is required.

Ability to read, analyze, and interpret business periodicals, professional journals, technical procedures, and governmental regulations. Ability to write reports, business correspondence and other professional documents. The CEO has the ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions in a prompt and effective manner.

Specific Job Effort:

  • Be able to sit, stand, and bend throughout the
  • Be able to push, pull and lift over 10 pounds, occasionally over 50 , possibly assist with lifting and moving patients.
  • Responsible for meeting various requirements, conducting various department-related meetings, submitting reports and retaining records as required.
  • Must possess adequate vision, hearing and manual dexterity to perform job
  • Mental efforts of the position include the ability to handle stressful situations and maintain professional composure.

Education, Experience and Certification/Licensure:

Master’s degree preferred (e.g., Healthcare Administration, Business Administration, Public Administration); or graduate of an accredited university with a degree in Management or related field. Five years directly related experience with community healthcare facilities of similar size and structure (e.g., independent hospital, rural community hospital, Critical Access Hospital) preferred. Demonstrated administrative and financial management expertise in a small or medium size healthcare organization is highly preferred. Membership as a Diplomat or Fellow in American College of Healthcare Executives desired.

Job Conditions:

High stress position based on full responsibility for the Health District and its operation. The position is subject to possible exposure to infectious diseases, substances, odors, hazardous materials, noise as well as hostile and emotionally upset patients, family members and members of the public. Requires frequent travel throughout the District as well as occasional overnight travel to professional meetings, etc.

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