Chief Nursing Officer – North Runnels Hospital

Chief Nursing Officer – North Runnels Hospital

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Chief Nursing Officer – North Runnels Hospital


JOB SUMMARY: Plans, organizes and directs the provision of patient care services. Supervises nursing department personnel and all functions including developing and maintaining nursing service objectives, standards of care, policy and procedures, and educational in-services.



Job Qualifications:


A. Education: Graduate of an accredited School of Professional Nursing. Bachelor’s degree in Nursing or equivalent preferred.

B. Personal Job-Related Skills: Advanced knowledge of nursing theories and practices. Leadership and management abilities and effective oral and written communications skills.

C. Licensure, Registry or Certification: Registered Nurse currently licensed by the State of Texas.

D. Experience:

1. Prior Work Experience: Five years of professional nursing experience in a clinical setting, two years in a nursing managerial, supervisory, or instructor role.

2. Technical Training: Current CPR certification. ACLS, ENPC & TNCC within 6 months of employment.

E. Physical and Mental Requirements: Duties of the position require moderate periods of walking and standing. Pushing, pulling, reaching, and bending when involved in patient care. Lifting up to 50 pounds and occasional heavy lifting may be required in supporting or moving patients that may suddenly become weak or helpless.



A. Plans organizes and directs the provision of patient care services

1. Maintains nursing practice that is consistent with the Nurse Practice Act for the State of Texas.

2. Develops and maintains policy and procedure manuals.

3. Maintains current job descriptions for all categories of nursing personnel.

4. Analyzes and evaluates nursing and related services provided to patients.

5. Assumes responsibility for identifying problem areas of patient care and formulates plans of action to solve them.

6. Maintains compliance with CMS Conditions of Participation for all nursing services.

7. Ensures the care provided by nursing staff is consistent with the organization’s values and mission.

8. Utilizes RCA and FMEA for developing and implementing plans which reduces the risk of patient or staff harm.


B. Facilitates favorable relationships within nursing, and with the Medical Staff, and all other hospital departments and seeks input regarding nursing care

1. Maintains positive and effective working relationships with other departments, the Medical Staff, and with federal, state, and local agencies.

2. Coordinates nursing service activities with other departments.

3. Serves as a consultant on admitting and discharge policies and procedures.

4. Establishes nursing policy and procedures on the administration and control of medications under the direction of the Pharmacist and the Pharmacy Committee.


C. Manages department functions and supervises department personnel

1. Establishes Nursing Department goals and objectives and evaluates progress towards their achievement.

2. Initiates departmental policies, procedures, and practices consistent with hospital policy. Presents recommended policies or changes to existing policies to Medical Staff for approval.

3. Supervises and coordinates activities including work routines and schedules, and works collaboratively with others in the selection, hiring, development, evaluation, disciplinary action, and termination of department employees in compliance with hospital policy.

4. Directs and coordinates department budget preparation and monitors the utilization of approved budgeted resources including supplies, equipment, and staffing levels for nursing.

5. Assures compliance with federal, state, and other regulations pertaining to nursing services and the provision of patient care in coordination with the hospital Compliance Office.


D. Provides for quality assurance and improvement

1. Develops the department quality assurance plan and determines areas to be monitored with input from Quality Assurance Coordinator. Completes and turns in metrics of performance in accordance to the quality plan.

2. Informs department personnel of quality assurance activities at monthly staff meetings and encourages staff to work toward resolution of QA monitors.

3. Provides reports and results to the hospital’s quality committee.

4. Coordinates with the Infection Control Nurse in maintaining infection control policies and procedures.



A. Maintains confidentiality utilizing HIPAA guidelines at all times.

B. Is available to meet with patients and their families or significant others.

C. Interacts with patients, family members, Medical Staff members and other department managers on a continuous basis.

D. Follows aseptic procedures and universal precautions when involved in direct patient contact or handling potentially infectious materials.

E. Follows safety guidelines and policies for the Hospital.

F. Promotes positive interaction of the Hospital with the community by participation in hospital functions such as fundraisers, Health Fairs, board meetings, or other activities.

G. Ensures services provided by or through nursing have all corresponding charges recorded.

H. Monitors nursing documentation to assure compliance with hospital policy and efforts toward reaching QA goals.

I. Documents or oversees documentation of any time studies or related matters which are pertinent to the annual cost report.

J. Prepares and drills disaster plans as defined the quality program.

K. Participates in hospital committees as requested.

L. Assists when needed in daily work of the organization-wide nursing functions. The leader shall work at least one shift per pay period as a direct care nurse.

M. Available for consult by telephone on 24/7 basis to assist staff as needed.

N. Participates in the orientation of new nursing staff to assure understanding by staff of role and function.


If you have questions please contact Jackie Miller, Human Resource Director

Phone: 325-754-1500 Ext. 523

Fax: 325-754-4337

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