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Winters Healthcare and Rehab Center is dedicated to showing your loved one the dignity and respect they deserve.
Offering both private and semi-private rooms, we want our residents to feel comfortable and we encourage them to make their room feel ‘like home’. Our staff is dedicated to meeting the needs of each resident, providing the best possible care and an array of services.
We provide 24-hour, in-house staff to provide a wide range of daily services to our residents and we will work with your family member, you and your healthcare providers to develop a comprehensive treatment, care or therapy plan as needed.
With an experienced Medical Director, Director of Nursing, capable and caring Registered Nurses, Licenses Vocational Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants, Social Worker, Food Service, Housekeeping, Laundry, Maintenance, Administrative Personnel, and an Activity Director – our staff is here to ensure a safe, comfortable and loving environment.
You can also count on us for Respite Care, and Hospice Care should you have the need.
Care and Services


Short Term Rehabilitation Care
Winters Rehab & Healthcare Center brings individualized rehabilitation plans to each of our guests to ensure they can return home with the greatest independence. Our staff is up to date on the latest treatments and methods relating to physical and occupational therapy, wound and ostomy care, IV therapy, and diabetic management and education.
Long Term Rehabilitation Care
Some chronic medical conditions can require more continuous care only found in personal care facilities. Each resident is evaluated prior to admission in order to create a plan aligned with their goals, and to ensure they have the most effective therapy setup for their, and their families, peace of mind.

Skilled Nursing

We know that the needs and wishes of our residents are unique; no two are the same. Our nursing staff is committed to providing continuous, state-of-the-art care that meets those individual needs. Our team works directly with our residents, their families, and physicians to create and implements the most effective care plan. Every detail of every resident’s individual care plan is crafted with their comfort and health in mind—and our team is ready to track and implement even the slightest adjustments needed to ensure that level of care is maintained.


Whether you are seeking assistance with a loved one, or seeking care options for yourself, you have likely heard of “respite care.” Our respite care services provide temporary assistance for someone in need of around-the-clock care, giving essential rest time to their primary caregiver. Whether you need a few hours or weeks-long assistance, our team provides the respite care necessary to maintain both the health of our loved ones and their primary caregiver.
The benefits of respite care for both the caregiver and the care recipient are priceless in the long-term care of our loved ones. Benefits of respite care includes improved health, stronger relationships, and increased social engagement.

Respite Benefits

1. Improved Health—Caregivers can have their own set of health concerns while maintaining the health of another person. Lack of sleep, poor nutrition, injury, and more can cause their own physical health to decline, not to mention the toll it can take on their mental and emotional health. To best take care of our loved ones, we must take care of ourselves—respite care ensures that you’ll stay in good health and high spirits to take care of your loved one.
2. Improves Caregiver and Care Recipient Relationship—Although it can be tough to admit, taking care of a family member can cause friction in the relationship. Respite care allows you both to take a much-deserved break in order to maintain and grown a healthy relationship. As their primary caregiver, you might feel guilty for taking time off, however, to be an effective caregiver, you must take breaks. Just as you have time off at any other job, that free time is essential for you to return to work ready to do the best job possible. The health of you and your loved one is essential.
3. Increased Social Engagement—Often times, caregivers don’t receive much social interaction outside of their caregiving duties. By using respite care, caregivers are able to take time for themselves, while their love one is able to receive social engagement with other guests and team members, while receiving the skilled nursing care they need. As always, self-care is just as important to the caregiving process.


Hospice is not a place, but a practice and philosophy of care. It is a team dedicated to providing physical, emotional, and spiritual comfort to those facing end-of-life decisions. Our goal is to provide the highest standard of care with the compassion, kindness, and quality our loved ones deserve. We provide a broad variety of medical, social, and spiritual services to ease your burdens and give you time to be with your family. A doctor can best determine when to consider hospice, and we are ready to work with you to ensure your mind is at ease through this difficult time. Life is precious from beginning to end, and our team is here to provide your loved ones with the dignity, kindness, and comfort they deserve as you spend these precious moments together.
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