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Coumadin Clinic

North Runnels Hospital Clinic has increased its capabilities to help manage your Coumadin therapy conveniently and accurately. Our new Coumadin Clinic located at our main clinic will offer the following:

1) Finger stick PT/INR on-site! We no longer need vials of blood but rather we will be able to stick your finger much like a glucose test in the clinic. This means less pain and less blood loss.

2) Accurate, immediate results! We will know your PT/INR within a minute and the provider will determine your treatment plan at that time.

3) Easy to read, immediate treatment plan! You will be given a treatment plan on- site with a new prescription if needed. You will know exactly what you should be taken and when you will need another test.

4) Continuity of care! Tami Halfmann, FNP-C will be managing your Coumadin therapy and will know your history and treatments well.

We will take appointments with possible walk-in appointments available on the 1 st Tuesday from 9 am – 12 pm and the 3 rd Wednesday from 9 am – 12 pm. We will also take appointments as needed, when possible.

For your first appointment, please bring your current Coumadin dosage schedule. We will check your lab on-site and formulate your treatment plan before you leave.

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