LVN – North Runnels Clinic

LVN – North Runnels Clinic

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LVN – North Runnels Clinic

Department: North Runnels Clinic

Reports To: Clinic RN

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt



Under the supervision of a physician, provides nursing care in a clinic environment. Organizes a safe, clean setting for patients during their clinic visits. Utilizes appropriate equipment and resources and supervises staff in the provision of clinic services and care.



  • Education: Graduate of an accredited School of Vocational Nursing.
  • Personal Job-Related Skills: Effective oral and written communication skills. Familiar with operating computers and Electronic Medical Records Systems.
  • Licensure, Registry, or Certification: Licensed Vocational Nurse currently licensed by the State of Texas.
  • Prior Work Experience: Two years of Licensed Vocational Nursing in an outpatient care area preferred.
  • Technical Training: Current CPR certification.
  • Occasional heavy lifting when moving or supporting patients who may suddenly become weak or helpless.



A. Performs documents, laboratory tests in a clinic setting

1. Performs urine dip stick for protein, glucose, bilirubin, ketones, specific gravity, blood, PH, urobilinogen nitrite, and leukocytes.

2. Collects blood samples by finger stick using aseptic technique for HCT and capillary blood glucose.

3. Performs urine HCG pregnancy tests as directed.

4. Obtains and accurately labels specimens for laboratory tests.


B. Provides clinic services and care for patients.

1. Takes and records blood pressure readings, weight and length measurements.

2. Assists physicians and prepares patients for various types of examinations and procedures.

3. As directed by a physician administers specific drugs or medications either orally or by injection and observes patient for reactions.

4. Instructs patients and family members regarding treatments and follow –up care.

5. Applies or changes dressings as requested.

6. Assists physician with minor surgical procedures performed in the clinic.

7. Performs basic life support skills in an emergency situation.

8. Provides care appropriate for the neonate and the pediatric, adolescent, and geriatric patients served based on demonstrated knowledge of the principles of growth and development over the life span.

9. Assesses and interprets date on neonate and the pediatric, adolescent, and geriatric patients’ status to identify patients’ requirements relative to their age-specific needs and provides care needed as stipulated in departmental policy.

10. Input orders into health care system.


C. Maintains patient’s files.

1. Prior to examination, obtains historical and subjective information related to patient’s perception of health and inputs into the record system.

2. Collects necessary information received concerning x-ray and laboratory reports, data from received from referring physicians, and surgical or other procedure reports for the patient’s files.

3. Enters medications and drugs administered and any reaction into the files.


D. Maintains supplies and equipment.

1. Insures that inventory of necessary supplies and equipment is maintained for diagnostic and treatment procedures.

2. Is responsible for stock supplies in exam rooms and assures their cleanliness.

3. Cleans and sterilizes surgical instruments, labels the type of instrument and records the date.



A. Maintains HIPAA required and all other confidentiality while working with confidential matters on a daily basis.

B. Provides service direct to patients while maintaining positive patient relations atmosphere.

C. Follows procedures for using precautions when involved in direct patient contact or when handling potentially infectious materials.

D. Follows safety guidelines and policies for the Clinic.

E. Interacts with patients, family members, Medical Staff members and other department managers on a continuous basis.

F. Other duties, as assigned by supervisor.



1. Demonstrate experience functioning as a team player.

2. Demonstrate written and verbal communication skills, which elicit positive and productive outcomes.

3. Demonstrate philosophy of caring and compassion for patients, fellow employees and community served by this organization while maintaining mental toughness.

4. Demonstrate commitment to continued self-improvement, honesty, integrity and character, which reflects an atmosphere of professionalism in providing quality work.


If you have questions please contact Jackie Miller, Human Resource Director
Phone: 325-754-1500 Ext. 523
Fax: 325-754-4337

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